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institute council

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    The legislative body of the School of English and American Studies is the Institute Council (or School Senate). The Council has 16 voting (a third of which are student representatives) members:


    (1) the director: Kenyeres János
    (2–7) the heads of the five departments (and their deputies, but if both present they have only one vote): Benczik Vera(DAS), Farkas Ákos(DES), Wein Csizér Katalin(DEAL),Károly Krisztina (DELP), Szigetvári Péter (DELG), Horváthné Dr. Molnár Katalin (SDE)

    (8–10) three teacher/researcher members elected by the teaching staff: Öveges Enikő, Pikli Natália, Szécsényi Krisztina
    (11) a nonteacher/nonresearcher elected by the nonteaching staff:  Deák Nóra 
    (12–16) student representatives

    — the director of research: Illés Éva
    — the technical manager: Lénárt Zoltán
    — the seas secretary: Tartsay Németh Nóra


    The dates of the Council's meetings can be found in the SEAS calendar.

    The minutes are here.

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