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    welcome to SEAS

    (outgoing students read this)

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    BA programme

    The BA in English and American studies programme can be completed as a major programme (worth 120 credits) or as a minor programme (for those who take another major programme at ELTE; worth 50 credits). After the first term, those taking the major programme may opt for either the English or the American studies track. Five specialization tracks (each worth 50 credits) complete the BA programme.

    MA programmes (ANGD, AMED, TANM)

    The School has launched three MA programmes in 2009: in English, in American studies, and in English with teaching qualifications.

    phasing-out MA and College Degree programmes

    Until 2005 students were admitted to “old-style” four- and five-year programmes (ANN/AKN/AMN; 'kifutó szakok', 'osztatlan képzés' in Hungarian). These are now provided only for them.

    Read about graduation

    PhD programmes

    Six of the Faculty's PhD programmes are staffed by members of the School.

    preparatory year for international students

    This foundation programme has been designed for students who wish to undertake further studies at ELTE or any other European university, but do not yet have the necessary level of language competence, study skills and cultural background knowledge to start a BA degree programme.