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1. American culture

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    (American Studies Theories, Cultural Studies, Visual Culture)



    1. Reinterpreting the “sacred texts” of America (The Declaration of Independence, The Declaration of Sentiments; the speeches of Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, John Wannuaucon Quinney, Chief Red Jacket, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Martin Luther King, Woodrow Wilson, John F. Kennedy, etc.)
    2. Nature and nation: “Old” and “New Americanist” ideas of the land and the mission
    3. The intellectual history of women: discussing Puritan subversion, separate spheres, women’s history, citizenship, and the gender of individualism
    4. The “pictorial turn”
    5. Visual culture versus art history
    6. The social construction of the visual and the visual construction of the social in American culture
    7. Gender and visual representation (empowerment and disempowerment of vision)
    8. Race and visual representation (empowerment and disempowerment of vision)
    9. US women religious leaders and their impact
    10. Racial tokenism in the visual arts: television and film
    11. Black market commodities and their necessity in American commerce
    12. The “American Dream” vs. American socio-reality
    13. Major religions that are still recognized as cults
    14. Women’s depection in mass media and and its role in female emancipation.
    15. Marginilization of American women in religious movements

    Recommended readings
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