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waivers (átjelentkezés)

    Steps for getting a waiver for a course you have completed at or outside ELTE


    1. If you think you have a course or courses that may be transferred to ELTE, please follow the guidelines below. Note: only courses that cover at least 75% of the subject matter of our corresponding courses will be accepted  (to be decided by the heads of departments/a member of the department in charge of credits)
    2. If you are
      • a Hungarian national, download the current version of the study unit list that applies to you:
      • if you are an international student, use the BA study unit lists for international students (English or American track depending on the structure of your previous studies) or the MA study unit list depending on your programme. Check for codes and consult heads of departments in charge of credits for individual codes (see below).
    3. If you are
      • a Hungarian national, download the credit transfer form (‘kreditátviteli kérelem’). We advise you to print it out in a number of copies for the various draft versions. You will have to submit a neat and orderly completed form at the end
      • an international student, use the following form. We advise you to print it out in a number of copies for the various draft versions. You will have to submit a neat and orderly completed form at the end
    4. Find (near) perfect matches for the courses you have finished outside ELTE with the study units bearing in mind the following:
      • typically there will be a one-to-one match (i.e. one course you have finished will match one study unit at ELTE)
      • sometimes more than one course will fit ONE study unit (this is a many-to-one match)
      • there can be NO one-to-many match between a course you have completed earlier and an ELTE study unit (i.e. one course cannot redeem more than one ELTE study unit)
      • to help you in compiling your list of corresponding courses refer to the course catalogue
      • only the following grades can be transferred: 3, 4, 5 (or their foreign equivalents)
      • a course (or courses) can only be used ONCE for a waiver
      • bring along official course descriptions of completed courses (signed and stamped or printed out from neptun or any other source if you are an international student)
      • a course thus waived is worth the amount of credits that its counterpart is worth at ELTE
      • if you have completed a course at ELTE that is part of two study unit lists (e.g., your major and your minor or two majors) you may want to ask for such a course to be waived in one of the study unit lists after successful completion of it in another. Note that the subject matter of the two courses may be different (in spite of identical codes), so waiving such a course is at the discretion of the heads of departments. If you are not granted a waiver, the course will have to be completed regardless of the identical codes
    5. Enter the courses you have completed in the left-hand column of the form (see step 2.) and match them with one study unit (step 1.) to the best of your knowledge
    6. If you have courses that are unrelated to any aspect of your chosen programme, they may still be accepted for free electives. If you have such courses, simply put them on the sheet (they will have no counterparts at ELTE) and put 2 in the credits column (2 is the maximum amount of credits they are worth at ELTE). Such courses require no signature.
    7. Consult heads of departments during office hours about individual codes. You MUST complete steps 1--4 before coming to see them. Note that they may have to refer you to other members of the department for a professional opinion on the suitability of the course you have completed
    8. Have the orderly filled out form duly signed and sealed by the head of department responsible for the study unit (see below). They will only sign it if you provide evidence of the completion of the course, e.g. your index (a course will only be accepted if it matches closely the subject matter of the appropriate course at ELTE; the teacher may ask you to provide further details, e.g. a reading list for the course or the curriculum)
    9. After you have obtained your signatures, have the form signed by the persons in charge of the credits ('kreditfelelős'). These are the heads of departments.
    10. Submit the form
    11. Wait for the decision of the Credit Transfer Committee (convened twice every semester in October/December in the autumn semester and March/June in the spring semester). The waived courses will appear in neptun in the special index lines section of your electronic grade book in neptun
    12. If you are an international student, the usual tuition fee will apply
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