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    • Who is this programme for?

    For those students with a BA or MA who have at least 38 credits of previous studies in English and American Studies and want to pursue a degree in MA in English or MA in American Studies (see details below).


    Number of credits from previous studies

    other than BA in English (major/minor)

    Do I qualify for entrance exam in

     MA in English or

    MA in American Studies

    or MA in English with teaching qualifications?


    < 38


     > 12


    What can I do?

    Take 1 year of

    supplementary studies (részképzés)



    ≥ 38

    (but not totalling 50)


     ≤ 12


    (remaining credits, as prescribed by the School, will have to be collected in the first year of MA studies)


    ≥ 50



    BA in English (major or minor) or a similar degree


    (no administrative steps required on your part; you can take the MA entrance exam)


    • If I do not have a BA in English (major/minor) but have at least 38 credits what do I have to do before I apply for MA in English or MA in American Studies?

    Go here and fill in 'Kreditelismertetési kérelem tanári MA felvételihez 50 kreditről' before you apply for entrance exam. Take the form to ELTE felvételi csoport.

    • What do I do if I have a number of completed credits from previous studies that are also part of the supplementary studies curriculum?

    Read on.

    • Who is the coordinator?

    Őszi Hajnalka