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    • Who is this programme for?

    For those students with a BA or MA who have at least 38 credits in English and American Studies and want to pursue a degree in MA in English or MA in American Studies (see details below).


    Number of credits

    Do I qualify for entrance exam in

     MA in English or

    MA in American Studies?


     < 38


     > 12


    What can I do?

    Take 1 year of supplementary studies (részképzés)


     ≥ 38(but not totalling 50)


     ≤ 12


    (remaining credits, as prescribed by the School, will have to be completed in the first year of MA studies)


     ≥ 50

    (e.g. BA in English (major/minor) or other studies)




    • What do I have to do before I apply for MA in English or MA in American Studies?

    Go here and fill in 'Kreditelismertetési kérelem tanári MA felvételihez 50 kreditről' before you apply for entrance exam.

    • What do I do if I have a number of completed credits that are part of the supplementary studies curriculum?

    Read on.