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E-books and e-journals on trial

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    Available at any ELTE IP-address (on or off campus)!

    1. Taylor & Francis at between April 1-May 31, 2011

    provides access to 1338 current online journals in subject areas including  Arts, Communication Studies, Culture Studies, History, Language & Literature, Media & Film Studies, Politics & International Relations, etc. published by Francis & Taylor, Routledge and Psychology Press.

    2. CUP at April

    "Cambridge Books Online offers access to eBooks from our world-renowned publishing programme, covering subjects from all disciplines across science, technology and medicine, as well as humanities and social sciences." (from their website)

    3. Walter de Gruyter at April

    Up to date since 1749: "De Gruyter e-dition makes over 50,000 high-quality titles available from De Gruyter’s more than 260-year publishing history." (from their website)

    Please let the SEAS librarians know what You think. Your feedback is welcome and appreciated.

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