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    To send in your desired choice of specialisation (or track), follow tese steps:


    • read this only if you are graduating in the 3 year BA in En & Am Studies programme and do not yet have the En/Am specialsiation recorded in neptun
    • read about the difference between En and AM specialisation here
    • send an email to szakiranyATseas3DOTelteDOThu (AT = @, DOT = .) (use an email account that you regularly check)
    • the body of the message should contain the following information, in the following format including the highlighted leads (leave subject line blank):


    name: Familyname Givenname
    code: XXXXXX
    track: ANG/AME

    Begin each line with the words above followed by the colon (“:”). Give your name as it appears in Neptun, use an uppercase letter (only) for the first letter of each part of your name. Do not include pen names, pet names, jokes, do not invent Neptun codes. The data will be checked and deleted if found fraudulent.

    You can change your mind any number of times before the deadline (noon, 10 January 2018). The choice you send in last will be taken as final.


    In mid-January you can expect further notification on how the selection of students into the American track will proceed. If the number of students exceeds 50, there will be short interview sessions (in the second half of January) to determine acceptance to the track.

    For details see


    An ideal message reads as follows (INCLUDE the leads name, code and track):

    name: Smith John
    code: W4R7UK
    track: ANG


    name: Smith John
    code: W4R7UK
    track: AME

    Your desired choice has been recorded if it appears here:

    If you experience problems, write to helpATseas3DOTelteDOThu.

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