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choice of track

    Dear Students,

    the time has finally come to enter formally your choice of track (English/American) in the ETR. The choice you made can be found at:

    You cannot change your mind now. The entering of your choice is just a formality.

    Steps for entering your choice of track

    1. log into the ETR
    2. search for 'szakirányválasztás' under 'tanulmányok' (this is as far as I can see it from my side of the table)
    3. enter your choice (in your case 'alapképzés' (major) is 'BTK BBA ANG, BBA Anglisztika'): EITHER 'Anglisztika - angol szakirány' for the English track OR 'Anglisztika -- Amerikanisztika szakirány' for the American track. Of course, both choices will appear as the machine cannot read your thoughts. Choose the one that applies to you.
    4. Minor/specialization

      Soon you will also have to make up your mind about whether you want to complete a minor (other than English and American Studies, eg. Croatian, Arabic, History, etc.) OR a specialisation module at the School of English and American Studies (SEAS). Inquire about the deadlines and admittance procedures that apply to your choice of a minor in the various institutes or the Registrar (not SEAS, or me!).

      READ THIS ONLY IF YOU WANT NO MINOR, ie. if you decide to complete a specialisation module in SEAS

      Whether you get admitted into a module of your choice depends on the decision of the coordinators. ENTER YOUR CHOICE ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE RECEIVED CONFIRMATION FROM THEM THAT YOU HAVE BEEN ADMITTED INTO A GIVEN MODULE (this may happen any time soon in June). You will have the following choices:

      • BBS Angol az üzleti életben (English in Business)
      • BBS Angol a médiában (English in the media)
      • BBS Angol az EU-ban (English in the EU)
      • BBS Amerikai írásprogram (Journalism)
      • IF YOU DECIDE YOU WANT NEITHER A MINOR NOR A SPECIALISATION MODULE, YOU WILL HAVE TO COLLECT YOUR 50 CREDITS FROM COURSES ADVERTISED AS ANG/AME-3XX (this is the 'pick and choose' module, also known as 'Specialisation in English and American Studies). If you choose to do this, there is nothing you have to do in the ETR. Read about all this at:

        The deadline is June 27! If you miss the deadline you will no be able to take up courses in September.

        Decisions, decisions, decisions...


        Attila Starcevic

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