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graduation 2012 aut international

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    Graduation 2012-13 autumn


    Dear International Students


    Ifyou’dlike to write your thesis and do your final exam in this semester (2012-13 autumn), please


    1a)register for final examination between 10th September and 3rd October with József Bíró (building 4/a, room 25.) using


    1.b)for BA students ONLY:

    Between 10th September and 3rd October record your BA final exam’s main topic (found on the title submission form you submitted last semester or earlier) and chosen subsidiary topic by sending your data to in this format:


    Name + EHA code (ETR username)

    Track (English or American)

    Main topic

    Subsidiary topic


    2.)Write and submit your thesis until 16th November in József Bíró’s office (building 4/a, room 25.)


    3.Sign your pre-degree certificate between21st November and 3rd Decemberin József Bíró’s office (building 4/a, room 25.)


    More information about thesis writing and final examinations:


    BA Students:


    MA Students:

    American studies:

    English studies:



    If you fail to follow these steps you will not be allocated into exam committees


    Thank You!


    Schoolof English and American Studies


    13th September2012.

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