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graduation international 2017 spring

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    submission of thesis title: 5th semester (for BA students), 3rd semester for MA students

    registering for final examination: 6th semester (for BA students), 4th semester (for MA students)


    Graduation 2017 Spring

    To be able to graduate you must first submit a thesis title (one semester earlier than your final exam)



    Dear International Students


    If you’d like to do your final exam this semester (2017 Spring), please


    1)  register for final examination until 01 March with Mr József Bíró (building 4/A) using


    Repeated final exams must also be recorded.

    • for BA students ONLY:

    Record main topic of final exam until 19 April (found on the title submission form you submitted last semester or earlier) and chosen subsidiary topic by entering your data here.

    2.) Write and submit your thesis until 19 April in Mr József Bíró’s office.


    More information about thesis writing and final examinations:


    BA Students:


    MA Students:

    American studies:

    English studies:



    Observe the following deadlines carefully as you will not be allocated into exam committees.


    Thank You

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