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    szakirányválasztás/track selection

    At the end of the their first term BA students have to select one of the two tracks of the BA programme: English (ANG) or American studies (AME).

    • read this only if you are graduating in the 3 year BA in En & Am Studies programme and do not yet have the En/Am specialsiation recorded in neptun
    • read about the difference between En and Am specialisation here
    • send an email to szakiranyATseas3DOTelteDOThu (AT = @, DOT = .) (use an email account that you regularly check)
    • the body of the message should contain the following information, in the following format including the highlighted leads:


    name: Familyname Givenname
    code: N3PTUN
    track: ANG/AME

    Begin each line with the label as above. Give family name(s) first, given name(s) last. Give the 6-character long code you log in to Neptun with. In the last line you must include one of the options, your choice. After a few minutes you must check if your data appear on this list: If they do, you're done, else repeat the process.

    You can send any number of messages until the deadline, 10 January 2019, Thursday, midnight, your last successfully processed message will be taken into consideration.

    In early January you can expect further notification on how the selection of students into the American track will proceed.

    An ideal message reads as follows (INCLUDE the leads namecode and track):

    name: Smith John
    code: W4R7UK
    track: ANG


    name: Smith John
    code: W4R7UK
    track: AME



    BA szakdolgozatok feltöltése

    Kedves Hallgatók!

    Az Angol-Amerikai Intézetben (SEAS) a BA dolgozatokat továbbra is fel kell tölteni a következő linken:

    A beadott papíralapú dolgozatot csak akkor fogadjuk el, ha a dolgozatát elektronikus formátumban is feltöltötte.

    Üdvözlettel: Starcevic Attila

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