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off-campus access to ELTE’s licensed web resources

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    Step-by-Step Instructions for Off-Campus Access to ELTE’s Licensed Web Resources

    ELTE subscribes to several web resources which provide access to thousands of journals and other research materials in the humanities. Through these services you can access full-text articles, e-books, dictionaries and multimedia materials, among other things.

    In order for you to use ELTE’s licensed web resources from off-campus computers, you must first obtain a username and password for Caesar (ELTE's email service). If you already have a Caesar username and password, proceed to Step 2; if you don't, go to Step 1.

    Step 1: In order to sign up for Caesar and create an account, go to:

    and follow the instructions. 

    Step 2: To use the web resources, you will need to download and install a software program called "Stunnel". You can read about how to do this here:   (Hungarian)   (English)

    The whole registration / download / installation process shouldn't take longer than 10-15 minutes.  

    Step 3 

    You will find a number of web resources on the webpage of the Egyetemi Könyvtári Szolgálat/University Library Service: (Hungarian) (English)

    and on the webpage of the Akadémiai Könyvtár/Library and Information Centre of the HAS, too: (English)

    Additional databases can be accessed from  . The Electronic Information Service provides nation-wide access for academic and higher education institutions to subscription-based databases. IP authentication is required to use licensed databases (e.g. ERIC, JSTOR, Web of Science).

    After visiting websites through Stunnel, change the LAN settings back to "No Proxy" and exit Stunnel.The next time you wish to access ELTE’s web resources, run Stunnel and reset the LAN settings accordingly. (You’ll know how to do this once you’ve gone through Step 2, it’s only a few clicks each time.)

    Good luck!

    Read about this in Hugarian

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