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SEAS130 Jubilee Conference

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    Book of Abstracts




    Campus map

    campus map.jpg


    Kari tt.jpg

    Building A
    Kari Tanácsterem/ Faculty Council Hall 


    R5 021


    R356                                          R414, R423

    f kerenyi.jpg       D nagyeloado.jpg

    Building F                          Building D
    Kerényi Room                      Eötvös Room


    Conference Organising Committee:

    János Kenyeres (Director, School of English and American Studies), Tamás Eitler (Director of Research, School of English and American Studies), Vera Benczik (Department of American Studies), Kata Csizér (Department of English Applied Lingusitics), Marcel den Dikken (Department of English Linguistics), Márta Hargitai (Department of English Studies), Éva Szabó (Department of English Language Pedagogy), Veronika Szelid (Department of American Studies), Dóri Lakatos (Secretary), Zoltán Lénárt (Technical Manager), Éva Berliner (MA student ), Orsolya Komáromi (PhD student), Dániel Panka (PhD student)


    Conference Logo inspired by Bridget Riley's works

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