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    Conference series in Applied Linguistics


    Contemporary Crossroads: 

    Teaching English for Specific Purposes in the 21st century


    SEAS ESP 2019

    Conference organized by the Department of English Applied Linguistics

    September 5, 2019



    Venue: Eötvös Loránd University, Building R5

    Budapest 1088, Rákóczi út 5. 

    Conference chair: Dr. Nóra Németh Tartsay

    Organising committee: Dr. Ágnes Albert, Dr. László Katona, Dr. Tímea Tiboldi, Dr. Csizér Kata


    Register for the conference as a PARTICIPANT here:

    Speaker registration deadline: 21 JUNE 2019 (closed).


    Conference programme:


    8:00-9:00 Registration (4th floor main lounge/4. emelet zsibongó)


    9:00-9:50 Opening Plenary: Károly, Krisztina: Tudományfordításról - fordítástudományi megközelítésben: a szaknyelvi fordítás típusai, követelményei, stratégiái (in Hungarian/magyarul) (room 414)


    9:50-10:05 Coffee break


      Room 431 Room 438


    (20 min + 10 min discussion)    

    Vállalati nyelvoktatás/

    Corporate ESP

    Session head: Tiboldi, Tímea

    ESP research

    Session head: Katona, László










    Muhi, Gabriella: Mi kell a munkahelynek?


    Seidl-Péch, Olívia: Szinonímák helyett ismétlés


    Szálteleki, Szilvia:  A T&E módszer


    Soproni, Zsuzsa: What can the companion to the CEFR do for you?

    Öveges, Enikő; Csizér, Kata; Albert, Ágnes: Investigation of foreign language education in Hungarian vocational schools


    Illés, Éva: ESP in the changing world


    Nagy, Nóra: Making semantic waves in art exhibition reviews


    Toptsi, Jamil: Engineering success



    12:05-13:00 Lunch break


    13:00-14:00 Plenary: Sazdovska,  JasminaWhat skills should we be teaching in Business ESP in the 21st century?(in English/angolul) (room 414)



    Room 431

    Room 438


    (20 min + 10 min discussion)

    Occupational ESP

    Session head: Csizér, Kata

    Vocational ESP

    Session head: Albert, Ágnes












    Tankó, Gyula: English for diplomatic purposes


    Ljiljana, Marjanovic Andric; Ljiljana, Markovic: English for Judges

    Borza, Natália: Tailoring English for Legal Academic Purposes

    Coffee break

    Lajtai, Ádám: "In my thesis, I ..." - A mixed-methods study on the use of first person singular pronouns in MA in English Language Teaching theses

    Lázár, Ildikó:Teachers’ views and practice of cooperative learning to meet 21st century expectations at the workplace and beyond

    Bakó, Alexandra: Including the ELF aspect in healthcare


    Eszenyi, Réka; Dóczi, Brigitta: Buzz words in today’s translation industry

    Götz, Andrea: The role of discourse markers in interpreted English


    Coffee break

    Katona, László: Developing critical thinking through ESP


    Tartsay Németh, Nóra: Using MOOCs in ESP









    16:45-17:00 Coffee break



    Room 431

    Room 438


    (45 min + 15 min  discussion)

    Tiboldi, Tímea: Interkulturális kommunikáció a szakmai nyelvhasználatban

    Molnar, Claudia: Making ESP work


    18:00-18:15 Conference closing (Room 414)

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