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Student Conferences

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    • Student Research Conference (SEAS qualification round for the OTDK in 2015): 25 November 2014 TDK in SEAS

    • "Stunned into Uncertainty": Young Researchers' Conference on Julian Barnes's Fiction

      This conference serves as an opportunity for young researchers (predominantly the students of the Modern English and American Literature PhD Programme) to share their findings, ideas and critical opinion on the fiction of contemporary British author Julian Barnes. Everyone is welcome to join the discussions. Time and venue: 20 June, 2013, 9 am - 5 pm; 1088 Budapest, Rákóczi út 5, R327
    • The Students’ Scholarly Circles (TDKs) at the School of English and American Studies (SEAS) are pleased to announce a Student Research Conference to be held at SEAS on April 17, 2012. Call for Papers, Conference Programme 
    • III. Alkalmazott Nyelvészeti Hallgató Konferencia KIss Zoltán (1983-2011) emlékére 2012. március 8-9. Please see the call file attached below.
    • For details of the upcoming OTDK Conference (National Conference of Students' Scholarly Circles), visit
    • For other student conferences, see associations & networks.
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