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    BA in English and American Studies (the essentials)

    The School of English and American Studies offers a BA programme in English and American studies. The programme may be completed as a major programme (see structure of programme for those admitted before 2011, those admitted in 2011 (+ basic teacher qualifications), those admitted in 2011 or later, or as a minor programme, the latter possibility is only available for students who are in another major programme at ELTE. Students taking the programme as a major opt for either the English, or the American specialisation at the end of the first term.

    The three-year long programme does not provide teaching qualification.

    To get your BA degree, you have to collect 180 credit points (hereafter simply credits). The major programme provides 120 credits, the minor 50 credits. In a typical BA carreer, the students completes a major and a minor programme, complemented with 10 free credits. Alternatively, the major programme may not be accompanied by a minor programme but by some specialization module, usually in the field of the student's major programme.

    As the minor programme of SEAS is made up of a subset of all the courses, you cannot have both your major and minor in English. Minor programmes are uniformly worth 50 credits.

    You can select a minor programme in a school other than SEAS, or a specialization module in SEAS. SEAS offers eight such modules currently (note that not every module is laucnhed every academic year).

    The minor programme (or a specialisation  module in SEAS) and the courses taken for free credits each give you 60 credits, this is referred to as part 2 above.

    The 120 credits of part 1 and the 60 credits of part 2 total the required 180 credits.

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