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final examination

    topics at the final examination

    final examination committees


    The following prerequisites must be met for the Final Examination:

    • a thesis with a pass grade
    • completion of the 180 credit Study Unit List sequenced as required by SEAS and the Faculty (recorded in the pre-degree certificate/'abszolutúrium' in Hungarian)
    • completing ALL the prerequisites at least 3 days before the final examination (there can be no examinations left for after the final examination)


    The purpose of the Final Examination is for the Student to show

    • the ability to defend (argue intelligently for) their views expressed in the thesis against an expert in the field
    • the extent of knowledge acquired in the fields of the main and subsidiary topics during their BA studies
    • the ability to use English in a formal academic environment in front of a committee of 4 or 5 members


    The Final Examination consists of three parts in this order:

    • defence of the thesis,
    • elaboration of a question covering one aspect the main topic and
    • elaboration of a question covering one aspect of the subsidiary topic

    Registering for the Final Examination

    The Student must register for the Final Examination in the semester when the exam is attempted. Registration for final examination is done electronically through neptun from 2016/17/2 onwards (if you are an international student, go here, fill out the form as described on this page and take it to Mr Bíró). Failing to do so will result in disqualification. If this happens, registration may be attempted in the following semester at the earliest.

    Attempting the Final Examination for a second (or any subsequent) time must also be registered electornically in the semester in which the final examination is attempted.

    Main Topic

    The main topic was duly recorded on the thesis title submission form by the Head of Department. It can only come from the subjects areas available in the Student’s specialisation (English or American) and must come from the (broad) subject area of the thesis. There are 12 questions in any one of the subject areas. The question that comes closest to the topic of the thesis may be removed from the pool of questions.

    Note that all 12 questions of a subject area must be covered in the preparation for the Final Examination as it is the luck of the draw which decides which question will have to be elaborated upon. The topic that you draw may coincide with the subject matter of your thesis.

    Subsidiary Topic

    The subsidiary topic has to be put on record in the semester in which the Student plans to take their Final Examination. Theoretically, the subsidiary topic can come from any of the subject areas of the two specialisations (English and American), but we strongly suggest the Student should choose from the specialisation in which they have pursued their studies (more on recording your main and subsidiary topic).

    Grades Awarded on the Final Examination

    • grade of the thesis (the referee's grade is thus made official by the Committee)
    • defence of the thesis

    The defence is based on the questions and remarks of the Referee.

    • main topic

    The 12 questions come from the subject areas taught at BA level in the English and American specialisations. The main topic must come from the Student’s specialisation (English or American).

    • subsidiary topic

    Similarly to the main topic, the 12 questions come from the subject areas taught at BA level in the English and American specialisations.

    • language proficiency

    The Committee ascertains how adept the Student is at forming opinions on academic matters in fluent and stylistically appropriate and adequate English in a formal environment. The grade is awarded by the Head of Committee on the recommendations of the members of the Committee.

    If any of the grades is insufficient (a fail, ‘1’), the Final Examination will be declared as failed. The Final Examination in the failed component(s) may be attempted the following semester at the earliest.

    Degree Certificate

    The Degree Certificate states the scale of achievement attained at the Final Examination. The average is calculated by the Committee on the basis of the following 5 grades:

    • thesis
    • defence
    • main topic
    • subsidiary topic
    • language proficiency


    The cumulative (or any other) average of the individual semesters is NOT taken into account for the grade of the degree certificate. The average will, however, show up in the detailed transcript of records that you will get alongside your degree certificate and diploma supplement.

    The degree in BA in English and American Studies (English/American specialisation) can only be conferred on those

    • who have returned all University property (this is recorded using this form)
    • who have no outstanding financial obligations (such as tuition fees) towards ELTE

    Achievement and Grades

    The degree certificate will state both your achievement and the corresponding grade.

    Scale of achievement (in %)             Grade

    2,00--2,50                                                  2 (elégséges/pass)

    2,51--3,50                                                  3 (közepes/satisfactory)

    3,51--4,50                                                  4 (/good)

    4,51--4,99                                                  5 (jeles/excellent)

    5,00                                                           5 (outstanding)


    Degree with Honours

    The Student will receive a Degree with Honours if the following conditions are satisfied (as set out in par. 84, sec. 9 of the Organisational and Operational Regulations of ELTE):

    -- the result of the final examination is 5,00

    -- the result of the thesis , as welll as the teaching practice/internship, proficiency examination(s), comprehensive examination(s) is 5 (excellent)

    -- the average of grades for all practical classes (seminars) and lectures in every semester is at least 4,51 and

    -- no grade received is below 4 (good).

    In case of retakes attempted in the same semester, the original grade will be disregarded.


    The BA degree in English and American Studies is equivalent to proficiency exam in English ('felsőfokú C') according to law (required for application to MA in English/American Studies).

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