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English history

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    1. Outlines of Roman Britain. Anglo-Saxon England c. 450 to 1066.
    2. The Norman Conquest and the early feudal system 1066–1199.
    3. Magna Carta and the early parliaments 1208–1295.
    4. The Hundred Years' War: causes, history and consequences. The Great Plague, The Peasants' Rising and Wycliffe’s critique of church doctrine.
    5. Tudor England: Henry VII, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I.
    6. Cromwell's revolution (The English Civil War), Restoration, and the Williamite settlement (Glorious Revolution) 1642–1690.
    7. Georgian Britain: the industrial, social and political revolution of the 18th century.
    8. The rise and decline of Victorian Britain. Party politics, Empire and social upheaval. Crises in Ireland.
    9. The road to the First World War. The Great War and its consequences for the British political, social and economic scene.
    10. Britain during the Inter-war years; Appeasement; and the Second World War. The Beveridge Report (1920–1945).
    11. The post-war Labour government and its achievements; the Suez Crisis, 1956. The post-war consensus in Britain until 1979.
    12. Margaret Thatcher's economic and social revolution (1979–1990) and its legacy to the present day.
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