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    submitting your thesis electronically

    (only for BA and new-type MA students majoring in English or American studies at ELTE)

    In addition to a ring-bound and a hard-bound copy of your thesis, you must also submit it electronically (soft-copy).

    You must make sure that the following requirements are met for the soft copy of your thesis:

    1. it must be a single-file upload in PDF (portable document format)
    2. it cannot be password protected
    3. it cannot be scanned; it must be generated from the source file of the thesis (see below for help on creating pdf files). The certificate of research cannot be signed this way in the electronic copy, but make sure you do sign them in the two hard copies. By uploading your thesis you take full responsibility for the content of the electronic copy
    4. it must contain the entire thesis including title page, certificate of research containing your declaration on the originality of the thesis, appendix/-ces (if available), and illustrations (if available) (format permitting). Front cover may be omitted
    5. it must be identical with the printed version (hard copy) of your thesis
    6. have your Neptun code at the ready
    7. use the following link to submit your thesis (you will need yor neptun code; when giving the title (and subtitle) of your thesis please use capitals only where necessary (names, titles, etc.))
    8. If you do not receive an automated email from us after uploading your thesis, double check here by entering your name

    The above description only covers the requirements on electronic submission.

    On how to assemble your thesis read the following list of requirements for


    The deadline for paper-based submission is set by the Faculty every semester. The SEAS deadline for electronic submission is identical with that of the Faculty.

    Bear in mind the following

    The submission is final only after you have received a confirmation email from The message only acknowledges the fact that the file has been successfully uploaded but not its compliance with the criteria above. It is the duty of the referee to compare the two copies (hard bound and electronic version). Only those theses can be defended that have been uploaded before the deadline and whose copies have proved identical and uploaded as described above. If the soft-copy and the hard-copy are not identical, you will have to resubmit the soft-copy in the next semester at the earliest. This means that your final examination will also be postponed.

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