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American culture

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    • Early modern American art (Bán Zsófia)
    • Postmodernism in American culture (Bán Zsófia)
    • Visual culture in American culture (Bán Zsófia)
    • Gender and Visual Culture (Bán Zsófia)
    • Contemporary American art (Bán Zsófia)
    • Memory, memorialization and trauma (Bán Zsófia)
    • Jazz in American Culture: American Writers about Jazz (Federmayer Éva)
    • The Representation of Blackness in American Cinema (Federmayer Éva)
    • When the Negro Was in Vogue: The Culture of the Harlem Renaissance (Federmayer Éva)
    • Standardized Testing in US Schools and its Effect on Minority Students (Ryan James)
    • Methods of Online or Alternative Education in the US (Ryan James)
    • American Culture: Myth or Reality of a Culture of Diversity (Ryan James)
    • The Color of Jazz: Race and Representation in American Culture (Ryan James)
    • Gender Identity as Portrayed in Pop Culture American Film (Ryan James)
    • The Cultural Contradictions of American Media (Ryan James)
    • An Analysis of Print Advertisements as Reflected by American Culture (Ryan James)
    • The American Myth of Success (Ryan James)
    • Children's Toys and Their Influence on Stereotyping American Youth (Ryan James)
    • Literary Theory in American Children's Literature (Ryan James)
    • Racism and Gender Identity: Bias in American Children's Literature (Ryan James)
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