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TEFL (5years

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    Thesis topics offered by the Department of English Language Pedagogy

    Suggested topics

    Supervision offered by

    Pedagogical testing (educational measurement)

    Dávid Gergely

    Interlanguage/ Error analysis for teaching purposes

    The role of teacher personality and methodology in ELT

    Issues in Australian politics, history, and culture

    Gall Cecilia

    Australian film

    Australian studies in/and Hungarian education

    Teaching writing

    Halápi Magdolna

    Evaluating written and oral performance in the classroom

    The English Matura examination

    The role/practice of culture/intercultural communication in ELT

    Holló Dorottya

    Teaching presentation skills or debating in ELT

    Analysing teaching materials


    Károly Krisztina



    Discourse analysis

    Teaching English for specific purposes

    Autonomous language learning

    Kimmel Magdolna

    Alternative assessment: portfolio assessment

    The role of reflection in teacher development

    The teaching and testing of listening

    Király Zsolt

    The teaching of pronunciation

    Coursebook evaluation

    Teaching EFL for intercultural communicative competence

    Lázár Ildikó

    Education for intercultural understanding in inclusive language classes

    Cooperative learning, task-based learning, and alternative assessment

    The cross-cultural experience

    James Leavey

    American academic writing

    American language and culture

    Using ICT tools in ELT

    Major Éva

    Online communication in ELT

    The Hungarian Matura examination in EFL

    English as the lingua franca

    Medgyes Péter

    Teaching the four language skills

    Native and non-native teachers

    Methodology of intercultural learning

    Uwe Pohl

    The role of English-speaking cultures in ELT

    ELT Methodology

    Looking at ELT classrooms

    Révész Judit

    Teacher effectiveness, teacher professionalism, stages of teacher development

    The lexical view of language and its implications for classroom practice 

    Professional development of ELT teachers

    Christopher Ryan

    Motivation and confidence among language learners

    Use of L1/L2 by learners and teachers

    Aspects of Englishness

    Phil Saltmarsh

    Beyond pop culture – The resource of music

    Cultural shifts in 1960s Britain

    The comparison of two translations of a book

    Szabó Helga

    Machine translation

    Subtitling and dubbing

    The use of ICT tools and online tasks in skills development

    Szabó Éva

    Developing language skills with the help of tasks for the interactive white board (IWB)

    Coursebook analysis

    Language acquisition

    Szesztay Margit

    The teacher as educator

    Creativity in ELT


    Thesis topics offered by the Department of English Applied Linguistics


    Topics offered

    Ágnes Albert

    Task-based language learning

    Individual differences in language learning

    Katalin Brózik-Piniel

    Formative assessment in the language classroom

    The role of emotions in language learning

    Kata Csizér Wein

    Issues in classroom motivation

    Differences in foreign language learning: The learner's perspective

    Brigitta Dóczi

    Aspects of teaching grammar in an EFL context

    Aspects of teaching vocabulary in an EFL context

    Task-based EFL teaching

    Tamás Eitler

    Varieties of English

    Multimodal discourse analysis

    Éva Illés

    Teaching grammar

    Translation in language teaching

    Laszló Katona

    Literature in the English classroom / Natural Sciences in the English classroom

    Applied theatre in service of teacher training

    Edit H. Kontra

    Individual learner differences in the language classroom

    The case study of a language learner with special needs

    Enikő Öveges

    Multilingualism, plurilingualism, national language policies, language curricula

    Special language development programs in Hungary: Dual-language schools, year of intensive language learning

    Gyula Tankó

    Teaching/testing writing skills/written summarisation skills

    Discourse analysis for language teachers

    Nora Tartsay Németh

          E-learning and mobile learning

          Adults and language learning

    Tímea Tiboldi

         Teaching ESP (English for Specific Purposes)

           Teaching Media

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