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    • The peopling of the United States (Frank Tibor)
    • The growth of American identity (Frank Tibor)
    • Major figures in 19th and 20th century U.S. history (Frank Tibor)
    • Woodrow Wilson, the U.S., and World War I (Frank Tibor)
    • Franklin D. Roosevelt, the U.S., and World War II (Frank Tibor)
    • Major changes in the history of U.S. foreign policy (Frank Tibor)
    • From the history of major American ethnic groups (Frank Tibor)
    • Ethnicity and social change in post-World War II America (Frank Tibor)
    • U.S. immigration from Europe/Asia/Latin America (Frank Tibor)
    • Chapters of Hungarian-American immigration (Frank Tibor)
    • The Cold War and Civil Rights in the U.S. (Magyarics Tamás)
    • An empire by invitation? The U.S. an an European power in the Cold War (Magyarics Tamás)
    • “Bridge building” in East and Central Europe in the 1960s and 1970s (Magyarics Tamás)
    • The lessons of the Vietnam War. (Magyarics Tamás)
    • The liberal-conservative debate over national security (Magyarics Tamás)
    • Congressional diplomacy: The legislative branch and foreign policy making (Magyarics Tamás)
    • American concepts of the future of East and Central Europe after 1989 (Magyarics Tamás)
    • Unilateralism in American foreign policy in a historical perspective (Magyarics Tamás)
    • Containment: From the Soviet Union to China (Magyarics Tamás)
    • The U.S. as “an honest broker” in the Middle East (Magyarics Tamás)
    • The Westward Movement and Life in the New Territories (Szabó Éva)
    • Amerindian History and Cultures (Szabó Éva)
    • Text Analysis of American Historical Documents (The Declaration of Independence; The Articles of Confederation; the Constitution, Speeches, Treaties, etc.) (Szabó Éva)
    • Great Personalities of American History (Biographical analysis, comparison, contrast of American statesmen, presidents, generals, or public figures) (Szabó Éva)
    • The Monroe Doctrine and Its Afterlife (Szabó Éva)
    • The U.S. and Its Neighbors (U.S.–Canadian Relations; U.S.–Mexican Relations; U.S.–Cuban Relations; U.S.–Latin American Relations) (Szabó Éva)
    • The Development of American Immigration Policies (Szabó Éva)
    • American Minorities: U.S. Latinos (Szabó Éva)
    • The Issue of Bilingualism (Szabó Éva)
    • Cultural Regions in the U.S. (Analysis/comparison/contrast: New England; The Mid-Atlantic, The South; The Midwest; The Northwest; The Southwest; Alaska; Hawaii) (Szabó Éva)
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