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    • Early modern American prose (Bán Zsófia)
    • Early modern American poetry (Bán Zsófia)
    • Gender and Literature (Bán Zsófia)
    • Representation of historical traumas in art and literature (Bán Zsófia)
    • The individual against society in American literature (Bollobás Enikő)
    • The woman in American fiction (Bollobás Enikő)
    • Races in American fiction (Bollobás Enikő)
    • Otherness and difference in American fiction (Bollobás Enikő)
    • From modern to postmodern: poetic traditions and derivations (Bollobás Enikő)
    • Women’s modernism (Bollobás Enikő)
    • Family conflicts in American literature (Bollobás Enikő)
    • Narratives of trauma and illness in American literature (Bollobás Enikő)
    • Autobiography: the making of the self (Bollobás Enikő)
    • Novel-to-film adaptations: theory and practice (Bollobás Enikő)
    • The Representation of the New Negro Woman in Harlem Renaissance Fiction (Federmayer Éva)
    • Contemporary American Women Writers (Federmayer Éva)
    • African American Women Writers (Federmayer Éva)
    • The Representation of Race/Ethnicity, Class and Gender in American Literature (Federmayer Éva)
    • Autobiography in African American Literature (Federmayer Éva)
    • Neo-Slave Narratives (Federmayer Éva)
    • Narratives of the Color Line (Federmayer Éva)
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