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    • Who is this site for?

    Those who do not have English as their major. If you are taking English as a major, you cannot take it as a minor. Read on.

    • Where can I find the study unit list/requirements (tanegységlista)?

    Here if you are a Hungarian national or a 'határon túli magyar'. If you are an international student click here

    • Which study unit list should I follow?

    The one that applies to you at the moment when you are admitted to the University (even though usually you will be officially admitted into the minor programme a year later, on which see below). If you were admitted in 2010, follow the one which says 'angol minor 2010-ig felvetteknek', etc.

    • What is the full name of the programme?

    Angol tanári és diszciplináris minor.

    • If I'm not a student of ELTE, can I take the minor?

    You can. This is called 'vendéghallgató' in Hungarian. Arrangements should be made in the Registrar. Make sure you are aware of the fact that (given current regulations) no degree can be formally conferred on you (you will, however, have your study unit list and your transcript as proof of completion).

    • Do I need a language certificate to take the minor?
      No, but the level of language competence required for completing the courses is advanced English. This is roughly equivalent to the following:
    • TOEFL PBT (Paper-based test): 500
    • TOEFL IBT (Internet-based test): 60
    • IELTS (International English Language Testing System): 3.5/4.0/4.5
    • CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference): B1
    • Is there an entrance exam?


    • When do I have to start collecting the credits?

    In September. The six foundation courses required for taking the minor are spread over two semesters (Autumn semester: BBN-AME-121, BBN-FLI11-101, BBN-FLN11-101, Spring semester: BBN-ANG-141, BBN-ANG-151, BBN-ANG-211).

    • Do my codes begin with BBI or BBN?

    Your codes must always begin with BBN.

    • Do I have to take FLI-101/FLI11-101 and FLN-101/FLN11-101 in English or can they be in Hungarian?

    These two introductory courses can be taken in any language you feel comfortable with. If these courses are not part of your modern language major, we suggest you take them in English.

    • What do I have to do if I have taken introductory courses in linguistics and literature with codes other than FLI11/FLN11-101 (e.g., as part of my major in Hungarian)? What do I do if I have the two introductory courses (with identical codes) in both my programmes (e.g., major and minor)?

    If this is the case, you either have to

    • When is the minor officially recorded?

    Always in a Spring semester, administered through neptun. It is your responsibility to observe Faculty deadlines. The usual deadline is end of June.

    • How many minor students can be admitted into the programme in an academic year?
      The current limitation is 60.
    • Can I start collecting my credits in a Spring semester?

    Theoretically, yes with the three Autumn semester courses given as exam-only courses (i.e., no lectures, only an exam at the end) plus the three Spring semester courses taken in one semester. Practically, this is impossible, so this scenario is highly discouraged. We will, however, not check how or when you have collected your credits. For those familiar with Hungarian terms: 'keresztféléves minor' is discouraged.

    • Why are there exam-only courses if students are discouraged from taking all of their foundation courses in one go?

    These courses are primarily given with the major students in mind.

    • Is there a final examination or thesis?


    • If I finish this programme, will I be able to apply for MA in English, MA in American Studies or MA in English with Teaching Qualifications?

    Yes. You will, however, need a proficiency exam in English (level C1 'felsőfokú C') to apply. This restriction does not apply to students who have English as their major.

    • Which exams qualify for a level C1 exam?

    Any state accredited language exam. You can find the accredited language exam centres here. You may also find this helpful (especially if you have an exam which is currently not accredited by the state).

    • In a nutshell, what do I need to get into MA in English, MA in American Studies or MA in English with Teaching Qualifications?

    A completed minor + a C1 level proficiency exam in English + a successful MA entrance exam.

    If you have questions about MA in English Studies, read on, for MA in American Studies, read on. If you have questions about MA in English with teaching qualifications, read this.

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