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English in business FAQ

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    Can I apply for multiple modules or a minor besides this module?

    Yes, but after admission to any module of your choice, you cannot pursue studies in other modules or minors simultaneously. This means that for your BA degree you can do just one specialisation module or you can do a minor without any specialisation modules. Also, note that you will need to submit your application for other specialisation modules as specified by the other modules, i.e. not at the same time and not in the same way as for this specialisation module.  
    What should the short CV and the short motivation letter contain?
    • CV: your full name, EHA, contact details, studies (primary, secondary, present, with subjects, maturity exam subjects and levels), work experience (optional!!!), interests, hobbies;
    • motivation letter: answering (1) why this specialisation? (2) what use these studies will have later in your life, career, etc.? (3) any other specific reason why you think this is the specisalisation for you?
    Should I start having nightmares about the interview?
    Definitely not. The max. 15-min interview is going to be conducted in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere: we would like to know who you are (= not just a CV), what you know (= not what you cannot possibly know as you are not a Corvinus University or Harvard Business School graduate), but at the same time we would like to understand why you would choose us and not any other specialisation module.
    When and how will I know if I have been admitted to this specialisation?
    The list of students admitted to this specialisation is going to have a very important reserve section so that the places of those who have applied elsewhere and have been admitted elsewhere can be filled with those on the reserve list. Therefore, please don't lose faith if you are on the reserve list.
    The list of students and reserve students (EHA codes only) admitted is going to be placed on the DEAL noticeboard (3rd floor Zsibongó and corridor next to 306) after the interview in June (the exact time is going to be communicated at the interview). The final list is going to be communicated after the minors and other specialisations have their results, too (this depends on the other departments and even other institutes at the Faculty).  
    Once I get admitted, is it guaranteed that I get a place in each course advertised in the given semester so that I can finish after 4 semesters?
    Yes. From next semester it is absolutely possible and easy through ETR that all admitted students are guaranteed place in the courses throughout the specialisation. After preregistering for the specialisation module courses, watch your ETR course mailbox for a note from your course instructor who will tell you what to do exactly. 
    How and where can I do my 6-week internship?
    You can do your internship in various ways, depending on multiple factors. The ideal situation is when you do it at an external workplace at a company, via ELTE Karrier Iroda, who is our partner in the internship management process. However, due to the economic problems of companies it has become difficult to organise external internships and we cannot rely on this solution for the time being. Also, most companies wish to employ students for longer periods and even during semesters and crucial exam periods, which can cause clashes. Therefore, we accept your relevant summer job as equivalent. Besides, you can do your internship internally here at SEAS, immersing yourself in a great variety of promotional and admin tasks (incl. SEAS student website, conference organisation, International Students' Day, ELTE Language School, ELTE University, LIPDUB, videos, ELTE promotional videos, communication, etc.). This is the most flexible option and so it can be done perfectly alongside with your studies. The flexibility of the internship module also means that in order to collect your credits, you can combine multiple external jobs, multiple external and internal jobs, and even external/internal jobs and extra specialisation courses.
    How can I prove that I have covered my internship requirement?
    To certify your work experience, we have two documents to fill in:
    (1) for external jobs (see the relevant document attached below)
    (2) for SEAS-internal jobs (see the relevant document attached below)
    What jobs can I apply for when I have covered this specialisation module?
    The skills and business areas we are immersing you in make you a more desirable graduate of English with better job prospects in multinational companies (Vodafone, BT, BP, Exxon, Nokia, Skype, IBM, to name just a few in Budapest where some graduates of SEAS are already working), advertising and PR agencies, publishing houses, translation companies, event organisers, HR agencies, etc.
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