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    BA Specialisation: English Translation Skills - Angol fordítói készségek


    Coordinator: dr. Papp Andrea associate professor, MUK D/208

     e-mail: szakforditas@btk.elte.hu




    Any BA student majoring in English is welcome to apply if they do not have a minor. You must be proficient in Hungarian to qualify.

    Maximum number of studentsadmitted to the program in 2011: 18


    IMPORTANT: You can apply to multiple specialisations or even a minor simultaneously. The places of those who get admitted to more than one place and withdraw from the translation specialisation will be filled with those on the reserve list.


    The list of the EHA codes of students admitted –including the reserve list– is going to be posted on the DEAL noticeboards after the interviews in May(the exact time is going to be communicated at the interview). The status of those on the reserve list will be finalized after the minors and other specialisations have their results, too (this depends on the other departments and even other institutes at the Faculty).  




     (1) written application; (2) interview.


    Your application package should include:


    - a one-page CV(Europass or British format, including your studies, interests, your EHA code, your e-mail address and contact phone number);

    - a one-page (approx. 2500 characters incl. spaces)motivation letter consisting of the following three parts: 1)  your previous experience in doing translations, 2) your current involvement in doing translations, 3) your purpose of doing this specialisation.


    Submission:Please submit your application both electronically and printed.

    Deadline: 1 May, 2011

    Address electronic copy to  szakforditas@btk.elte.hu

    Leave printed and signed copy at the DEAL Office in Rákóczi 5, Room 306.

    Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.



     The admission interviewwill be scheduled for the second week of May and will comprise: 

    • talking about your personal motivation(on the basis of your motivation letter) to check your affinity and attitudes;
    • doing on the spot oral translations of short, everyday texts from English into Hungarian and from Hungarian into English. 


    Your final score will be determined by the components below: 

    • your motivation letter: affinity and attitudes;                                    
    • your basic oral translation skills;                                         
    • your mark in the BBN-ANG-108 Academic Skills course (a minimum of a mark 3 is required)


    For further information please contact Dr. Papp Andrea at  szakforditas@btk.elte.hu

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