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Application Film and Culture specialisation 2019

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    Call for Applications 2019


    BA Film and Culture specialisation at ELTE BTK/SEAS/DES


    BA Students are warmly welcome to apply for the BA specialisation programme entitled Film and Culture organised and hosted by the DES/SEAS (ELTE/BTK).


    The aim of our 4-term, 50-credit BA specialisation programme is to get you more familiar with films and film studies int he context of film theory, film history and culture by courses held at ELTE/SEAS with a special focus on Britain, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Australia in and through films. We would like to enable you to find out more about visual culture and film studies in a wider context of history, literature and culture to give you a more focused approach to participate in student research or just to find the right profession or MA/PhD track for your future.


    Deadline for application: 12 am (Friday) 24 May, 2019


    with a 300-word Statement of Purpose and your CV.


    Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed by a committee of DES/SEAS.


    Interviews will take place in 4th June at DES/SEAS.


    At the interview you will have to speak about your favourite British film for approx. 10 minutes.


    Please send your CV and 300-word Statement of Purpose to 

    Dr Andrea Velich (a_velich@yahoo.de)  and cc to bacskai.csilla@btk.elte.hu

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