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    If you are interested in this specialization, you must first contact Dr. James for an interview. In your initial e-mail, you have to submit the two documents shown below as Word attachments. Dr. James is only at the university on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Plan to rearrange your schedule as needed to accommodate this interview schedule. May 8th 2013 is the last day for all interviews. You may e-mail Dr. James at drryanjames@gmail.com. After reading these two documents, he will contact you with an interview day and time. Be aware that there may be current program students present during the interview as well.

    The Letter of motivation document should be a minimum of one full page, but no longer, than two pages, double-spaced.

    1.      Letter of motivation: What is your reason for wanting this specialization? 

    Your personal statement can be as long as it takes you to answer the following questions.

    2.      Personal statement: Include the following information in this document:

    a.       Are you an American Studies or English major?

    b.      What are your grades in other English practice or writing classes you have taken here at the university?

    c.       Do you understand that this is more of a writing program, rather than a journalism program?

    d.      Deadlines – How well do you meet deadlines imposed for course work such as essays and other assignments?

    e.       There are large volumes of reading for each class in the program. How do you cope with large amounts of reading when there are a number of classes in one semester demanding your time?

    f.        How well do you plan your time for extensive writing assignments?

    g.       What are your favorite sources (2-3) for researching an essay topic?

    h.       What are your feelings about working in groups?

    i.         What are your feelings about working individually?

    j.        How comfortable are you doing class discussion leading?

    k.      What is your class attendance history like in your first year of classes?

    l.         How do you feel about missing classes?

    m.     How verbal are you in classes? Another words, are you an active participant?

    n.       What personality traits do you have that would enrich the experience for your fellow students, the program as a whole, and the instructors for the classes?

    o.      How open are you to others opinions or topics you are not familiar with?

    p.      On a scale of 1 (the lowest) to 10 (the highest), where would you be on the scale?

    q.      What are your hobbies or interests?

    r.        How well do you cope with pressure?

    s.       Do you own a laptop?

    t.        Are you willing to take an English test during the interview?

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