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    Many graduates of SEAS look for job opportunities in the field of print or electronic media or would like to work for media agencies. It is generally accepted that the world of media is traditionally dominated by the English language and prestigious English and American universities offering media courses. Based on these traditions, the English Applied Linguistics Department of ELTE also decided to offer students a media specialization track in English which allows students to integrate studies in media history, theory, research and management with practical experience.

    In order to get into the specialization you have to take an oral exam in June ( 9th-14th June, 2014)  and write a letter of motivation and a CV. In the oral exam students are expected to demonstrate their interest in the media and show critical thinking skills.


    Any BA English major student can apply who does not have a minor and who fulfils the following requirements:

    (1) Successful BBN-ANG-001 language exam in English

    (2) Successful application procedure

    The number of students admitted to the program: 16/year.

    IMPORTANT: You cannot start the module if you do not pass the BBN-ANG11-001 language exam. This means that the final list of the MEDIA specialization students will be known only after the result of this exam is available.


    1. Please submit your printed application by 20th May, Tuesday 2014 to Erzsébet Szilágyi room 306, Building R.

    The application consists of  2 parts:

    1. Europass type of CV with all your contact details: EHA code and email address

    2.  Letter of Motivation includingthe applicant's background studies, interests and other relevant experience that has been decisive in choosing the MEDIA specialization.


    Applicants will be asked to come in for a 15 minute Interview and role-play in pairs. The exact date will be posted later on the notice board of DEAL.

    3. RESULTS

    You will be notified about your result by the end of the exam period via email and the list of the selected candidates will also be posted on the notice board of DEAL.


    For further information, please turn to Tímea Tiboldi : tiboldi.timea@btk.elte.hu or visit personally during consultation hours ( 9-10 am Tuesday) in room 304.

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