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    There is no application procedure or coordinator for this module. Courses are in English and are on offer on a regular basis, just start picking your courses from the third semester. The module will have to be officially recorded in neptun from 2015 Spring onwards.

    The courses in the "pick-and-choose" specialisation module offer students the opportunity of discovery. Not everyone can make up their mind to commit themselves to a particular thematic module after only a short period of study, so this is a chance to choose courses provided by all the departments of SEAS, thereby finding out which areas one is drawn to. Completing courses in different special areas of English or American studies gives students a chance to experience different approaches to a variety of disciplines, and can also be useful later on when making a decision about continuing their studies. The main areas these courses are offered in can be found under the ideal schedule. The particular courses advertised change from term to term. This module offers the greatest degree of freedom in compiling your courses: you can take up any lecture or any seminar of your choice in this module. These courses are also referred to as '300 courses' (download your study unit list and look for the pick-and-choose module). The courses can be taken in any order and the same 'core' code can be taken any number of times (e.g., ANG11-312 can be taken as ANG11-312.220, 210, etc.). What's more, the whole module can be completed by taking ANG11-312 codes only, that is you do NOT have to take each and every code. In addition to these, the following can also be taken in the same module:

    • if you are in the English specialisation: AME-214, 216, 222, 224, 226, 228, 232, 234 and 272
    • if you are in the American specialisation: ANG-212, 214,216, 218, 219, 243, 253, 261, 262 and 271
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