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Erasmus plus 2016-2017 Results

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    ERASMUS+ RESULTS 2016/2017

    Congratulations! Please note that this is only the SEAS list, not the final official one, as in a few weeks the Faculty will decide on whether all the 28 students in the main list can go or a few of you at the end of the list will get to the reserve/waiting list.




    1 Fekete Gergely Heidelberg
    2 Mona Katalin Róma
    3 Gaetano Giancaspro Barcelona
    4 Tyekvicska Virág Barcelona
    5 Tóth Julianna Barcelona
    6 Somosfalvi Lilla Konstanz
    7 Anna Philippova Róma
    8 Yuliia Terentieva Prága
    9 Varga Berta Firenze 
    10 Barta Máté Limerick
    11 Rácz Orsolya Limerick
    12 Magyarkuti Sára Limerick
    13 Sutus Dolli Leeds
    14 Purgel Zsófia Konstanz
    15 Varga Rebeka Salford
    16 Módos Barbara Brno
    17 Szalmási Hajnalka Salford
    18 Garamvölgyi Eszter München
    19 Eleméry Tekla München
    20 Pintér Anett Eszter Róma
    21 Kiss Anna Sára Marburg
    22 Paskuj Panna Madrid
    23 Oravecz Daniella Bilbao
    24 Susánszki Tamás Limerick
    25 Püsök Lilla Marburg
    26 Belya Rebeka Split
    27 Szőllősi Medárd Helsinki
    28 Bán Zsófia Nápoly


    Reserve due to quota limitations
    if someone ahead of you applying for the same university cancels, you can jump directly to their place -- so it is worth waiting for 1-2 months:


    29 Godó Judit Barcelona
    30 Ponicsán Erzsébet Barcelona


    Rejected (application past the deadline):

    31 Farkas Márta


    Thank you for your applications. 

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