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final examination

    final examination committees


    The final examination is held before a committee; the student is assessed on a scale of 1 to 5. The aim of the final examination is for the student to demonstrate a satisfactory knowledge of American literature, history, culture, and linguistics, and that the student is able to verbalize this knowledge in high-quality English.

    Prerequisites for the final examination

    The aim of the final examination is to examine and assess whether the student has been able to acquire and apply all the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities required for the MA degree.


    The prerequisite for the final examination is the final certificate (“abszolutórium” in Hungarian): the final certificate confirms that the student has completed all the required study units and related general academic obligations as specified in the Study Unit List (except for the thesis, the required language proficiency examination, and the final examination), and has collected all credit points specified in the qualification requirements, except for those to be obtained for the thesis. The final certificate is to be issued in the semester in which the student has met all the requirements for the final certificate.

    Note: You must complete ALL the prerequisites at least 3 days before the final examination (there can be no examinations left for after the final examination)

    Registering for the Final Examination

    The Student must register for the Final Examination in the semester when the exam is attempted. Registration for final examination is done electronically through neptun from 2013/14/2 onwards (if you are an international student, go here, fill out the form as described on this page and take it to Mr Bíró). Failing to do so will result in disqualification. If this happens, registration may be attempted in the following semester at the earliest.

    Attempting the Final Examination for a second (or any subsequent) time must also be registered electornically in the semester in which the final examination is attempted.

    Evaluation and grading of the final examination

    The final examination consists of two parts: defense of the thesis and the main subject exam. The examination proceeds as follows:
    1.      defense of the thesis;
    2.      main subject exam: the discussion of a topic the student draws and then presents without preparation. The topic is from the general subject area approved by the department and specified on the candidate’s thesis title submission form, approved by the head of the department. (If one of the topics matches the subject of the thesis, that topic is removed from among the list of questions before the candidate draws one).
    The main subject areas of the American Studies program are the following: American literature, American history, American culture, and American English and linguistics.
    The final result of the final examination is the mathematical average of the two grades received at the final examination (defence, discussion of a topic). If the candidate fails any of these parts, the relevant regulations of the HKR are to be followed.

    Degree certificate

    The degree certificate states the weighted average of the grade received on the Final Examination (A) and the grade for the thesis (B) according to the following formula: (A*0,45) + (B*0,55). Some sample calculations follow:


    final examination (A) thesis (B) average (A*0,45) + (B*0,55) grade
    4 5 (4*0,45) + (5*0,55) = 1,8 + 2,75 = 4,55 5 = excellent/jeles
    5 4 (5*0,45) + (4*0,55) = 2,25 + 2,2 = 4,45 4 = good/
    A degree in MA in American Studies can only be conferred on those
    • who have returned all University property (this is recorded using this form)
    • who have no outstanding financial obligations (such as tuition fees) towards ELTE

    Achievement and Grades

    The degree certificate will state both your achievement and the corresponding grade.

    Scale of achievement (in %)             Grade

    2,00--2,50                                                  2 (elégséges/pass)

    2,51--3,50                                                  3 (közepes/satisfactory)

    3,51--4,50                                                  4 (/good)

    4,51--4,99                                                  5 (jeles/excellent)

    5,00                                                           5 (outstanding)


    Degree with Honours

    The Student will receive a Degree with Honours if the following conditions are satisfied (as set out in par. 84, sec. 9 of the Organisational and Operational Regulations of ELTE):

    -- the result of the final examination is 5,00

    -- the result of the thesis , as welll as the teaching practice/internship, proficiency examination(s), comprehensive examination(s) is 5 (excellent)

    -- the average of grades for all practical classes (seminars) and lectures in every semester is at least 4,51 and

    -- no grade received is below 4 (good).

    In case of retakes attempted in the same semester, the original grade will be disregarded.

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