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2. American literature

    Table of contents
    1. 1. Recommended readings


    1. Canonical periods, genres, and traditions of American literature (Puritan literature, Enlightenment writing, the American Renaissance, late-19th century realism, modernisms, postmodernisms)

    2. Indigenous genres of American literature (the escape narrative, the slave narrative, nature writing, the passing novel), the theme of individuality, and the myth of the frontier
    3. Extending the canon of American literature: women’s traditions and African American traditions (19th century, modernist, postmodernist)
    4. Alternative traditions of American literature: the American female gothic, feminist utopia and dystopia, the passing novel, multicultural identity fiction
    5. Feminist literary and cultural theories
    6. Reading literature after deconstruction: feminist, African American, and queer approaches
    7. The myth of the American Eden, the Promised Land
    8. The American Dream or the topos of “making it”
    9. Representations of the American family and family values
    10. Travel and mobility in American literature
    11. Race, class and ethnicity in American literature
    12. Counter-culture and alternative lifestyles
    13. The topos of inititation
    14. The machine and the garden

    Recommended readings


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