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    Formal requirements (also available on Faculty site):

    (general deadlines for thesis title submission, current deadlines in Hungarian)

    Follow these steps for a successful administrative procedure

    • find a tutor (preferably in the 2nd, or the very beginning of the 3rd, semester)
    • as of Spring 2016 there is a supervisor's commitment clause
    • complete title submission form and take it to your tutor for a signature, then to the head of department for a second signature (you will also be assigned a topic, from which you will draw a question at the final examination)
    • take title submission form to the Registrar (by mid March/October; actual deadlines vary, allow time for enquiries)
    • fill in form to register for final examination (for internationals) in the Registrar by mid March/October (ideally in the 4th semester) (actual deadlines vary; allow time for enquiries)
    • submit your thesis by the deadline set by the Registrar and upload it into seas (ideally in the 4th semester): DAS MA thesis requirements
    • defend your thesis at the final examination (ideally in the 4th semester)

    read about graduation

    -     The thesis must be submitted in two copies: one hardbound and one ring-bound. SEAS also requires the submission of an electronic copy in PDF format. Submission deadlines are specified by the Registrar every term. The deadline of electronic submission is identical to that of the Faculty.

    -      The outer cover (hard cover) should look like as shown below


    -     The title page should like as shown below


    -     The thesis can also be submitted in double sided printing (both the hardbound and the ring-bound copy).

    - Print the following on the hard cover:


    - Print the following on the spine (omit the braces):

    DIPL.M. — {author's family name (and first name, if there is space} — {major's code} — {year}, e.g.:



    Do not enclose a CD/DVD with your thesis


    -     Pledge of Scholarly Honesty: The thesis must include a “Pledge of Scholarly Honesty,” signed by the student, declaring that the work is original and exempt from plagiarism (read about University policy regarding plagiarism). The text of the Pledge is as follows (cut it and paste it in your thesis after Title Page before Contents and Abstract, or use the one given on the Faculty site):


    By my signature below, I pledge and certify that my ELTE MA thesis, entitled ........................................................................... is entirely my own work. That is to say, the framing ideas are substantially my own and I have faithfully and exactly cited all the sources I have used, whether from conversations, books, letters, and other media, including the Internet. If this pledge is found to be false, I realize that I will be subject to penalties up to and including the forfeiture of the degree earned by my thesis.


    -      Abstract:The thesis should also include a separate Abstract page that succinctly summarizes the thesis in no more than half a page, in single-spaced format.

    - Length: The thesis should be at least 80,000 characters (with spaces) in length (i.e., 40 pages). The 40 pages cover only the thesis proper, i.e., additional material (such as the inner title page, the table of contents, the references section, etc.) does not count into the required length-

    - Language: The thesis should be written according to the conventions of standard American English.


    Requirements concerning the content of the thesis (also see DAS homepage):

    -     Genre: The thesis should comply with the techniques of academic writing; in particular, it should (a) cite sources appropriately; (b) distinguish the thesis writer’s own ideas from those of other authors; and (c) avoid plagiarism.

    -     Submission of thesis title: The title of the thesis should be submitted by the end of the 2nd semester.

    -     Topic: The Thesis topic may be drawn from the subject areas offered in the DAS curriculum: American English and Linguistics, Literature, History, Culture, or some combination of these. The topic of the MA thesis must be new in comparison to the student’s BA thesis topic. This means that, though it may be within the same general departmental subject area as that of the student’s BA thesis, it must be a novel topic. Students are expected to find a supervisor by the end of their second semester; the topic of the thesis must be agreed upon with the supervisor. The student must formally submit the thesis title by completing the title submission form and obtaining a signature from the supervisor. The form must also be signed by the head of the department. Instructors can supervise a maximum of six theses.

    -     Supervision: The supervisor should preferably come from the Department of American Studies. In any other case please check first with the Department Head. Students are granted 3 consultation periods with their supervisor. The three consultations should cover the various stages of the research/writing process; that is, one consultation should be in the first phase of the research, while narrowing down the topic of the thesis, and two further consultations should be held in the consecutive stages of processing the literature and writing the thesis proper. The supervisor certifies the consultations by signing the consultation form. Note that students are required to complete certain courses in the subject area of their thesis topic (including a methodology seminar), as given in the course list of the MA program in American Studies. The writing of the thesis proper is carried out by the student individually; the supervisor is not obliged to check the grammaticality of the chapters.

    -     Quality: The thesis should demonstrate the student’s knowledge of the subject and analytical ability, as well as a measure of originality. In addition, the thesis should indicate the student’s familiarity with the American Studies theoretical framework relevant to the chosen topic. Furthermore, the thesis should be in written in appropriately competent English, conforming to the conventions of the academic style of American English.

    -      References: The thesis must include citations and a “Works cited / References” section at the end, listing all the relevant academic literature and sources which the author has cited (MLA style guide available here).

    -      Referee: The final grade of the thesis is given by the referee. The referee is appointed by the head of the department, after the submission of the thesis. The supervisor is not normally entitled to assess the thesis unless the head of department grants permission for this.

    -     Submission: The deadline for the submission of the thesis, as well as its assessment and the course of action in case of a failed thesis are as specified in the institute’s regulations and the requirements of the program.

    -      Defense of the thesis: The thesis must be defended before a committee at the Final Examination. The committee assesses the student’s performance based on a scale of 1 to 5.



    The final grade of the thesis is based upon five aspects (concept, argumentation, research, format, language). Details of the grading policy of the American Studies Department can be found HERE.

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