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    1. American Culture
    Thesis Advisors: Zsófia Bán, Éva Federmayer, Ryan James, Stanley Ward
    Early modern American art (Zsófia Bán)
    Postmodernism in American culture (Zsófia Bán)
    Visual culture in American culture (Zsófia Bán)
    Gender and Visual Culture (Zsófia Bán)
    Contemporary Amercian art (Zsófia Bán)
    Memory, memorialization and trauma (Zsófia Bán)
    Representations of the Holocaust in American visual media (Zsófia Bán)
    Representation of historical traumas in art (Zsófia Bán)
    Constructions of Americanness in American art (Zsófia Bán)
    Symbolic spaces (Zsófia Bán)
    The Mormon Church: Cult or Authentic Religion (Ryan James)
    The Marginalization of Women in Mainstream Christian Religions (Ryan James)
    Women Pioneers in the US Alternative Religious Experience (Ryan James)
    The Rise of Spiritualism in US History and the Sociological Need (Ryan James)
    American Economy’s Dependency on Illegal Immigration (Ryan James)
    The War on Drugs: Effective War or Ignored Skirmish (Ryan James)
    Who Controls Your Dinner Plate: How Corporations Mandate What You Eat (Ryan James)
    Comparative American Studies: American Culture in Hungary (Éva Federmayer)
    The Representation of Blackness in American Cinema (Éva Federmayer)
    The American Media: For or Against Women's Rights in America (Stanley Ward)
    The American Right: A New Danger or an Opportunity for Change (Stanley Ward)
    The Dumbing Down of America - American Anti-Intellectualism in the Media (Stanley Ward)
    2. American Literature
    Thesis Advisors: Zsófia Bán, Enikő Bollobás, Éva Federmayer
    Early modern American prose (Zsófia Bán)
    Early modern American poetry (Zsófia Bán)
    Representations of the Holocaust in American literature (Zsófia Bán)
    Representation of historical traumas in literature (Zsófia Bán)
    Constructions of Americanness in American literature (Zsófia Bán)
    Autobiographies, memoirs and testimonies as representations of cultural and historical memory (Zsófia Bán)
    Word and image (Zsófia Bán)
    Gender and Literature (Zsófia Bán)
    Constructing the subject in American literature (Enikő Bollobás)
    The subaltern (women, ethnic groups, blacks, etc.) as subject in American literature (Enikő Bollobás)
    Novel-to-film adaptations: theory and practice (Enikő Bollobás)
    From modern to postmodern: poetic traditions and derivations (Ezra Pound, William Carlos Williams, the Black Mountain poets, the Beats, the New York poets, etc.) (Enikő Bollobás)
    Women’s modernism (Gertrude Stein, H. D., Djuna Barnes, Willa Cather, Zora Neale Hurston, Nella Larsen, Jessie Redmon Fauset, etc.) (Enikő Bollobás)
    The family drama and its transformations (O’Neill, Williams, Miller, Albee, etc.) (Enikő Bollobás)
    Dark twins and unstable identities from Mark Twain to Suture (Enikő Bollobás)
    Narratives of trauma and illness in American literature (Emily Dickinson, Audre Lorde, Ann Sexton, Sylvia Plath, Rita Dove, etc.) (Enikő Bollobás)
    Fiction as autobiography, autobiography as fiction (J. W. Johnson, Kingston, Angelou, Marshall, Momaday, Silko, Acosta, Anaya, etc.) (Enikő Bollobás)
    Narratives of the color line in American literature (Éva Federmayer)
    The Representation of race, class, gender, and sexuality in passing narratives (Éva Federmayer)
    The Post-passing narrative and narratives of multiracial identities (Éva Federmayer)
    Black Modernism (Éva Federmayer)
    19th-century African American literature (Éva Federmayer)
    20th-century African American literature (Éva Federmayer)
    Women’s voices in American literature (Éva Federmayer)
    Feminist fantasy and science fiction in American literature (Éva Federmayer)
    African American literature in the cinema (Éva Federmayer)
    Multiculturalist voices in American literature (Éva Federmayer)
    Nature, environment, ecology and American literature (Éva Federmayer)
    3. American English and Linguistics
     Thesis Advisors: Zoltán Kövecses, Réka Benczes
    Applying cognitive linguistics in the teaching of English as a foreign language (Benczes)
    Cognitive grammar (Réka Benczes)
    Motivation in language (Réka Benczes)
    Linguistic creativity and the mental lexicon (Réka Benczes)
    Cognitive morphology (Réka Benczes)
    Aspects of American culture from a cognitive linguistic perspective (Zoltán Kövecses)
    Analyzing American literature, history, and politics using cognitive linguistics (Zoltán Kövecses)
    Metaphor theory (Zoltán Kövecses)
    Metonymy (Zoltán Kövecses)
    Idioms and American culture (Zoltán Kövecses)
    American slang (Zoltán Kövecses)
    Properties of American English (Zoltán Kövecses)
    British English-American English comparison (Zoltán Kövecses)
    4. American History
    Thesis Advisors: Tibor Frank, Tamás Magyarics, Éva Eszter Szabó
    19th Century American Social History (Tibor Frank)
    From Melting Pot to Multiculturalism: The Making of U.S. Society (Tibor Frank)
    The Domestic Background of the Rise of the U.S. as a Major Power in the 20th Century (Tibor Frank)
    American Immigration History (Tibor Frank, Éva Eszter Szabó)
    African-American History (Tibor Frank, Éva Eszter Szabó)
    The U.S. in the World Wars (with special emphasis on the redistribution of power in the world) (Tibor Frank, Tamás Magyarics)
    Empire or Hegemon?: The Position of the U.S. in the World after World War II (Tamás Magyarics)
    Unipolarity, Multipolarity, and No Polarity after the Collapse of Communism in the World (Tamás Magyarics)
    The History of U.S.-Latin American Relations (Éva Eszter Szabó)
    The Cold War in the Western Hemisphere (Tamás Magyarics, Éva Eszter Szabó)
    The Inter-American System (Éva Eszter Szabó)
    The “Indian Question” in U.S. History (Éva Eszter Szabó)
    U.S. Latinos: History, Politics, and Culture (Éva Eszter Szabó)
    The History of American Immigration Policy (Tibor Frank, Éva Eszter Szabó)
    Transnationalism in the U.S. (Éva Eszter Szabó)
    The Issue of Bilingualism in the U.S. (Tibor Frank, Éva Eszter Szabó)
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