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free track

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    One component of your MA studies is the free track (the 10 credits that you have to obtain during your studies). You may collect the 10 credits by choosing any MA-level course offered by SEAS or by any other institute or school in a language that you feel comfortable with (the codes for MA courses at the Faculty of Humanities always begin with BMA, BMI or BMVD). The 10 credit track may also include courses with the track specific codes on top of those required for a full module.

    You can always choose courses from the specialisation courses given by SEAS that are not part of your specialiation. In neptun enter the following in the subject code search field:

    • BMI%CI for courses in the Lit track (% is a wildcard substituting any alphanumeric symbol)
    • BMI%CK for courses in the Culture track
    • BMI%CNy for courses in the Theoretical Ling Track
    • BMI%CP for courses in the Postcolonial track
    • BMI%CAn for courses in the Applied Ling track


    Track specific prerequisites apply (chekc study  unit list for these)


    Note the following

    if you take a course with a BMVD code in SEAS, there are no prerequisites.

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