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thesis titles

    Recommended thesis titles for students in MA in English programme


    Thesis titles for students specializing in English Applied Linguistics


    Csizér Kata adjunktus

    1. The process of language learning motivation
    2. The comparative analysis of attitudinal and motivational dispositions of different learners
    3. The interrelationship of motivation and aptitude


    Eitler Tamás adjunktus

    1. Marketisation and informalisation of the English of public discourse (universities, health campaigns, public services)
    2. Multimodal meaning-making in advertisements
    3. Social varieties of English


    Illés Éva adjuktus

    1. Pragmatic theory and academic writing
    2. Pragmatic theory in language education
    3. The pragmatics of English as an international language


    Tankó Gyula adjunktus

    1. Schematic structure analysis: (a) analyse a genre or (b) prepare a critical overview of the Move as a unit of analysis
    2. Propositional analysis: (a) analyse the idea units of expository texts or (b) prepare a comparative study of the uses of propositional analysis in the field of social sciences
    3. Patterns of text organisation: (a) analyse the structure and signals of problem-solution texts or (b) prepare a comparative study of the uses of the problem-solution pattern in the field of applied linguistics


    Piniel Katalin tanársegéd

    1. Self-efficacy and self-regulation in language learning
    2. Match/Mismatch between learning and teaching styles
    3. Language anxiety and speech production
    4. Facilitating anxiety in language learning
    5. Dynamics of emotion-behavior-cognition at the task level


    Albert Ágnes tanársegéd

    1. Effects of task complexity on task performance measures
    2. The influence of individual differences on task completion 


    Tamási Gergely megb. ea.

    1. The unit of translation: The case of translating advertisements
    2. Text register in translation: Cross-cultural influences on the translation of commercial letters
    3. Text, genre, and discourse shifts in translation: A case study of tourist brochures
    4. Psycholinguistics
    5. Lateralization and the bilingual brain: Exploring hemisphere dominance through a dichotic listening test
    6. Prototype Theory and the bilingual brain: The case of homoiophobia
    7. The (non-)selectivity of lexical access: A reaction time investigation
    8. Inferencing in reading: A pronoun antecedent experiment


    Dávid Gergely adjunktus

    1. Native speaker proficiency (of English) as a natural goal in interlanguage development: Is it viable or even desirable?
    2. Has "Hunglish" changed in the past 30 years?
    3. Interlanguage processes and the developmental source of interlanguage


    Kontra Edit docens

    1. Language learners with special needs
    2. Case studies of Deaf language learners
    3. Language learning strategies in dyslexia


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