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71 - Canadian and Québec Studies

    Table of contents
    1. 1. topics



    1. Northrop Frye's literary and cultural theories (“Polemical Introduction” in Anatomy of Criticism; The Great Code or The Double Vision)
    2. Mass media and the theories of Marshall McLuhan (Marshall McLuhan, “Sight, Sound and the Fury”; Understanding Media)
    3. Survey of Canadian poetry — major trends and poets (based on the selection in Gótika a vadonban, 1983)
    4. Canada's political system (Parliament and Political Parties)
    5. The French Regime (1534–1763)
    6. The English Regime; immigration history of Canada
    7. Quebecfiction in English (Gabrielle Roy, The Tin Flute; Louis Hémon, Maria Chapdelaine)
    8. Immigrant fiction (John Marlyn, Under the Ribs of Death; Martha Ostenso, Wild Geese)
    9. Regionalism in Canadian fiction (Stephen Leacock, Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town; Hugh MacLennan, Barometer Rising; Jack Hodgins, “The Trench Dwellers”)
    10. Fiction of 20th-century women writers — short stories (Margaret Atwood, “The Man from Mars”; Margaret Laurence, A Bird in the House)
    11. Multiculturalism in Canada (Miriam Waddington, Halloween Party; Mordecai Richler, The Street; Gabrielle Roy, “Ely! Ely! Ely!”)
    12. Canadain the world (foreign policy in a historical perspective)


    Suggested reading

    • Canadian Fiction -- Annotated bibliography (1972)
    • The Oxford Companion to Canadian History (1978)
    • Supplement to the Oxford Companion (1980)
    • The Oxford Companion to Canadian Literature (1983)
    • Northrop Frye (ed. ): Literary History of Canada
    • Northrop Frye: Great Code: The Bible and Literature (1982)
    • Divisions on Ground: Essays on Canadian Culture (1982)
    • The Educated Imagination (1963)
    • Ken Mitchell: Horizon (1972)
    • Margaret Atwood: Survival (1972)
    • Second Words: Selected Critical Prose (1983)
    • C. Taylor: Radical Tories: The Constitution Tradition in Canada
    • M. Fowler: The Embroidered Tent
    • R. Wyatt: Foreign Bodies
    • Klink and Watters: Canadian Anthology
    • E. Watterson: Survey
    • David Staines: The Canadian Imagination (1976)
    • Mc. Whinney: Canada and the Constitution
    • C. Thomas: William Deacon: a Canadian Litarary Life
    • Literature in Canada Vol. 1. ; Literature in Canada Vol. 2.
    • Horizon (10 volumes)
    • Selye: Stress without Distress
    • Collected Writings of Louis Riel (5 volumes)
    • Arts of the Eskimo Prints
    • A Heritage of Canadian Art
    • G. Woodcock: People of the Coast
    • Collectifd: Histoire des femmes au Québec
    • Leger: Textes et réflexions sur le Canada
    • P. Bauerschaper: Arctic Journey
    • Canada Handbook
    • E. Toppings: Canada
    • Contemporary Canadian Painting
    • Leslie Hall Pinder: On Double Tracks
    • Jean R. Burnet -- Howard Palmer: Coming Canadians
    • West Coast Editorial Collective: Women and Word
    • G. Bruce Doern -- Richard W. Phidd: Canadian Public Policy



    • British Journal of Canadies Studies
    • Mosaic
    • The Journal of Commonwealth Literature
    • Books in Canada
    • Queen's Quarterly
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