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    Your specialisation may already begin in the 1st semester (with the exception of the Applied linguistics module, which begins in the 2nd semester). There are 5 specialisations available. Note the following:

    • a track is only complete if you have taken all of your courses with the track specific codes (ANGD-CI or CNy or CP or CK or CAn)
    • if you applied to the University through felvi.hu, your track will be automatically recorded in neptun;
      • if you want to change your specialisation:
        • download and fill out form
        • find Dr Attila Starcevic for signature
        • take form to Registrar
    • if you are an international student, the track will be recorded in the 2nd semester (please send your specialisation to Ádám Varga at varga.adam.benjamin@btk.elte.hu)
    • if you want to drop a specialisation and add a new one, make enquiries in the Registrar
    • you cannot crisscross combine tracks in any way imaginable to have a full module
    • generally, the 50 specialisation credits can be obtained from any of the courses offered with the track-specific codes in any arrangement (subject to track specific restrictions, check Study Unit List for these)
    • you do not have to take all of the codes listed in the Study Unit List. The codes of the Study Unit List cover broad areas, such as Mediaeval Literature, Historical Linguistics, Language Acquisition, etc. so different themes/subjects of these areas will be researched in different semesters (some codes may never be offered during your studies). Codes reflect this: the number(s) after the dot reflect these theme-specific courses (e.g. ANGD-CI.100). You can, for example, obtain all of your 50 credits by taking CI10-courses only: e.g. CI10.100, CI10.250, etc. You cannot, of course, take the same course twice. There is no such thing as a 'prescribed course'.
    • you can see all of the availabe courses in a given track if you enter an underspecified code in the search field of the course catalogue in neptun or in the seas catalogue: e.g. BMA-ANGD-CP (BMI-ANGD-CK for international students) for the postcolonial specialisation track
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