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    The backbone of your studies is structured as follows (download your study unit list):

    • foundation studies (ANGD-A1, A2, A3, A4) taken in the 1st semester
    • core studies (ANGD-B1, B2, B3) taken in the 2nd semester
    • specialisation (ANGD-CI/CNy/CP/CK/CAn) taken in any of the 4 semesters (restrictions apply to those specialising in applied linguistics):
    • closing stage (tutorial, thesis, final examination)
      • tutorials
      • thesis (ANGD-901) and final examination (ANGD-902) taken ideally in the 4th semester (these codes are entered by the Registrar after receiving your written statement of intention of graduation in the 4th semester)

    See all of this here

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