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heads of departments in charge of credits

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    Departments (heads in charge of credits of subject codes)


    BA in English and American Studies

    ANG-102 DELP

    ANG-106 DELP

    ANG11-104 DEAL

    ANG11-108 DEAL

    FLN11-101 DELG

    FLI11-101 DES

    ANG11-311.X DES

    ANG11-312.X DES

    AME11-311.X DAS

    AME11-312.X DAS

    ANG11-321.X DES

    ANG11-322.X DES

    AME11-321.X DAS

    AME11-322.X DAS

    ANG11-341.X DELG

    ANG11-342.X DELG

    ANG11-361.X DEAL

    ANG11-362.X DEAL

    ANG11-371.X DELP

    ANG11-372.X DELP

    ANG-112 DES

    AME-121 DES/DAS

    ANG11-132 DELG

    ANG-141 DELG

    ANG-151 DELG

    ANG11-181 DEAL

    ANG11-183 DELG

    ANG11-001 DELP

    ANG-202 DEAL


    ANG-206 DEAL

    ANG-211 DES

    ANG-212 DES

    ANG-213 DES

    ANG-214 DES

    ANG-215 DES

    ANG-216 DES

    ANG11-217 DES

    ANG-218 DES

    ANG-219 DES

    AME-211 DAS

    AME-213 DAS

    ANG-221 DES

    AME-221 DAS

    ANG-271 DELP

    ANG-241 DELG

    ANG-242 DELG

    ANG-243 DELG

    ANG-251 DELG

    ANG-252 DELG

    ANG-253 DELG

    ANG-261 DEAL

    ANG-262 DEAL

    AME-202 DAS

    AME-204 DAS

    AME-206 DAS

    AME-208 DAS

    AME-214 DAS

    AME-216 DAS

    AME-226 DAS

    AME-228 DAS

    AME-272 DAS

    AME-222 DAS


    AME-232 DAS

    AME-236 DAS


    BA specialisations

    AMW-XXX Journalism and academic writing DAS


    ANE-XXX English and the EU DEAL/DELP

    AND-XXX Drama and theatre DES

    ANF-XXX Translation DEAL

    ANB-XXX Business DEAL

    ANGF-XXX Film and Culture DES

    Pick and Choose/Specialisation in English and American Studies: all departments (look for ANG11/AME11-312, ANG11/AME11-311, ANG11/AME11-322, ANG11/AME11-321, 342, 341, 362, 361, 372, 371 above)


    MA in American Studies DAS

    MA in English Studies (ANGD)

    A1 DES

    A2 DELG

    A3 DEAL

    A4 DELP

    B1 DES

    B2 DES

    B3 DELG

    Can DEAL

    CNy DELG

    CI DES

    CK1--5 DES, CK6--CK11 DELP

    CP1--4 DELP, CP5--CP11 DES

    Teacher Training Programme (Osztatlan tanárképzés) Dr Edit Kontra

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