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choice of track and specialisation

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    Dear All,

    the time has finally come to enter formally your choice of track (English/American) in Neptune. The English track is the default track. 

    You cannot change you mind now. The entering of your choice is just a formality.


    -- log into Neptune

    -- search for 'szakirányválasztás' under 'tanulmányok'
    (this is as far as I can see it from my side of the table)

    -- enter your choice (in your case 'alapképzés' (major) is 'BBA Anglisztika'): EITHER 'Anglisztika - angol szakirány' for the English track OR 'Anglisztika -- Amerikanisztika szakirány' for the American track.

    -- you must enter your choice even if you chose the English track in December

    You have also had to make up your mind about whether you want to complete a minor (other than English and American Studies, e.g. Croatian, Arabic, History, etc.) OR a specialisation module at the School of English and American Studies (SEAS). If you want to complete a minor given by a school other than SEAS write to the department in question, NOT me.

    READ THIS ONLY IF YOU WANT NO MINOR, i.e. if you decide to complete a specialisation module in SEAS

    Whether you get admitted to a module of your choice depends on the decision of the coordinators. ENTER YOUR CHOICE ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE RECEIVED A CONFIRMATION MESSAGE FROM THEM THAT YOU HAVE BEEN ADMITTED IN A GIVEN MODULE (this has ideally already happened or is about to happen soon). If you have not yet received this message, start pestering your coordinators asap.

    You have the following choices:

    -- Angol az üzleti életben (English in Business)

    -- Angol a médiában (English in the media)

    -- Angol fordítás (English translation)

    -- Film és kultúra (Film and culture)


    Note: English in the EU specialization is not offered from 2017.

    IF YOU DECIDE YOU WANT NEITHER A MINOR NOR A SPECIALISATION MODULE, YOU WILL HAVE TO COLLECT YOUR 50 CREDITS FROM COURSES ADVERTISED AS ANG11/AME11-3XX (this is the 'pick and choose' module, also known as 'Specialisation in English and American Studies). If you choose to do this, there is nothing you have to do in Neptune. Read about all this at:

    If you do not enter your choice, you will not be doing yourself any favours. You will not be given precedence over non-specialising students, for example, when registering for a course, your specialisation and track will not appear in your degree, etc.

    If you are planning to take English and American studies as a minor, make sure you also indicate your choice in the ETR. If you do not, we will not be able to assess your application.

    So, in the end you must make at least two choices in Neptune:

    (1) choice of track (English or American) and
    (2) specialisation or minor

    (you can enter any number of specialisations or minors)

    The deadline is: . Make sure you do not miss this deadline.


    What happens after I have entered my choice(s)?

    Your choice will be countersigned by the person in charge of your chosen minor/specialisation by mid July the latest.

    Decisions, decisions, decisions...

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