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forums in neptun

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    We have compiled a file on how to find forums in neptun and how to post messages there. With the email sending function almost non-existent at the moment, this may be the only one effective way of communication. Warning: if a message is posted on any of the forums, you will NOT get an automated message. You must log in and check the latest news for yourself. Your teachers are the moderators as well, so they get to read every message you post. To find your forum:

    1) log in

    2) go to NMS (neptun meet street)

    3) proceed to virtual spaces

    4) expand on filter

    5) tick own spaces and set semester

    6) press show list

    7) add your courses to favourites

    8) go back to virtual spaces, you'll see all of your courses here that you marked as favourite

    (these forums are private, only those can see them that attand a given course or are invited by the teacher)

    Find forum and post message.

    (view all this step by step)

    9) If you want to see all the other (public and private) forums, go back to steps 3, 4 (enter % in the search field)





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