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    current deadlines in the Registrar

    submitting the thesis title, registering for the final exam

    want to see what a good thesis is like? have a look at an outstanding thesis

    supervisor's commitment (effective as of Spring 2016)

    changes to the thesis title and/or supervisor

    Steps to graduation

    (1) Thesis title submission (deadlines)

    • The title is submitted in the 5th semester (if you are a BA student) and in the 3rd semester (if you are an MA student)
    • about the thesis is general
    • current deadlines in the School (thesis title submission happens one semester earlier than your final exam):
      • DES
      • DELG
      • DELP (BA, MA in English)
      • DEAL
      • DAS (IMPORTANT: American track students, please choose your supervisor from the American Studies Department. In any other case please contact the head of the department.)
    • forms
    • thesis title submission at the Registrar: 15 October 2018


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