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    Department of American Studies

    Submitting a title for your degree thesis


    1. Find a supervisor. If you are on the American track, please choose your supervisor from the Department of American Studies. If for some reason you wish to digress from this, please contact the head or deputy head of the Department before taking further steps.

    2. Consult with your supervisor and agree on a thesis topic and a title.

    3. Fill in the thesis title form with all the relevant information.

    4. Have the form signed by your supervisor. Note that the Department will not sign forms that have not previously been signed by the thesis supervisor.

    5. Bring the signed form to the Department Office (306) and leave it there to be signed. 

    OR: visit the deputy department head (Vera Benczik) during their office hours (Wed 9:00-10:30) for their signature.


    CURRENT DEADLINES: Forms should be submitted to the Department Office no later than 10 p.m., March 13, Wednesday. Forms submitted later will not be signed.

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