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logging into neptun

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    To log into neptun follow these steps

    STEP 1

    Have your ETR/EHA code and ETR password at the ready.

    Go to (switch to English)

    Log in with your ETR/EHA password and username (top left hand corner of the page). You will see your neptun username (identifier) to the right of the log in panel. You will be prompted for a new passwor.  This will become your neptun password. Make sure you remember your password. The procedure for getting a new one is excruciatingly more difficult than it used to be.

    STEP 2

    now go here: (you can switch to English here as well)

    Use your neptun username (identifier) and password, NOT EHA code.


    Do not write to SEAS about forgotten passwords or if you are a new user of neptun (with no EHA/ETR code). We can't help you, you will have to go to Questura.


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