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BA tutorials

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    If you have submitted your BA thesis title or are in the process of finalising it, you may want to take a BA tutorial seminar.

    Bear in mind the following:

    • the course is NOT obligatory (this is a highly specialised course with the aim of getting the most out of your BA thesis)
    • you must contact your supervisor if you want to take the course. You can only take the course with your supervisor’s prior permission (it is at the supervisor's discretion to allow you to take the course (or not))
    • once admitted, you must talk to your supervisor about the conditions under which you can earn a grade at the end of the semester (regular consultation, week-to-week assignments, etc.). If you fail to meet these requirements you will not be awarded a grade
    • you can take the seminar in the 7 or 10 free credit track (depending on the structure of your BA studies)
    • look for the seminars advertised under your supervisor’s name appearing as initials after the ‘/’ sign in the code (e.g. BBN-ANG-TUT-342/sa (Starcevic Attila))


    The following general codes are available:

    • in the American track
    • BBN-AME-312-TUT (American literature and language)
    • BBN-AME-322-TUT (American history and culture)


    • in the English track
    • BBN-ANG-312-TUT (English literature and culture)
    • BBN-ANG-322-TUT (English history and culture)
    • BBN-ANG-342-TUT (English linguistics)
    • BBN-ANG-362-TUT (English applied linguistics)
    • BBN-ANG-372-TUT (English speaking cultures)
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