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MA tutorials

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    • New-type tutorials

    (only in the MA in English Studies programme; there are no tutorial seminars in MA in American Studies)

    Find yourself a supervisor, then take the tutorials:

    ANGD-C2 and C3 (both obligatory, taken in consecutive semesters, ideally in the 3rd and the 4th semesters).

    Codes (in the 3rd semester), XY = initials of your tutor (e.g., ke = Kontra Edit)

    • ANGD-C2/des/XY (DES = Department of English Literature)
    • ANGD-C2/deal/XY (DEAL = Department of Applied Linguistics)
    • ANGD-C2/delg/XY (DELG = Department of English Linguistics)
    • ANGD-C2/delp/XP (DELP = Department of English Language Pedagogy)


    Codes (in the 4th semester)

    • ANGD-C3/des/XY
    • ANGD-C3/deal/XY
    • ANGD-C3/delg/XY
    • ANGD-C3/delp/XP


    • Old-type (ANN) tutorials
    • English language and literature: ANN-492, AKN-496 (obligatory)
    • American studies: AMN-390 (optional)


    If you cannot find your tutorial in the ETR, drop me an email telling me which code you need and the name of your tutor

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