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    Log in (switch language to English before you do this by clicking on the Union Jack if you are an international student), go to Administration (end of horizontal drop down menu), click on Enrollment/Registration, activate semester (e.g. 2015/16/2) that has new written next to it, click on the + sign at the end the of the row, and click on Enroll. In the pop up window choose active, press save and scroll down to the bottom to accept conditions (it's in Hungarian at the moment) and press submit. A window with a message confirming that your status has now been activated will appear.

    After this go Subjects --> subject registration, set semester (e.g.2015/16/2), choose curriculum, tick Show only those subjects that will be launched and press List subjects.

    If there are course that you cannot find, change curriculum to All, set filter to All subjects, list, find magnifier glass on top of the box containing the courses, search by code that is part of your curriculum, take the course.

    If you are in two minds about what to take please look at our introductory material. Please note that it is your responsibility to choose next semester's courses (you will not be given a ready made timetable). The last day you can register/drop a course is 2016-02-12 16:00.

    If you have applied for the American specialisation please wait for news. Until then download study unit list for English specialisation and take courses that are obligatorily given in a spring ('2') semester. After you have received positive confirmation from the Dept of American Studies, download study unit list for American specialisation and proceed to take American Culture 1 in the Spring semester.

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